128 ©O luxury 3 - bedroom - perfect life foreseen for 24 hou

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128 ©O luxury three-bedroom | 24 - hour perfect life foreseen Time is the most beautiful and happiness is precious¡£¡£ 24 hours a day£¬ in Hengshui Evergrande city¡®s 128 - square - meter luxurious three-bedroom apartment£¬ it foresees 1440 minutes of happiness£¬ restores the ¡¯¡® life¡¯¡® truth£¬ and enjoys the life style of every square meter in a limited time and space¡£¡£ Early in the morning£¬ I opened my hazy eyes and sat on the south and north balconies£¬ calmly mastering the comfortable life¡£¡£ Cultivating green plants here can create small private gardens in the air£¬ or make fun of Xiao Mao£¬ chat about family life£¬ overlook beautiful gardens downstairs£¬ and savor poetic life¡£¡£ Quanming kitchen is connected to the balcony£¬ and the pleasant scenery outside the window makes cooking an artistic enjoyment¡£¡£ As the delicious dishes were served to the dining table£¬ the whole family took their seats£¬ and the beautiful scenery of the food reflected each other¡¯s interest¡£¡£ Enjoy a happy lunch on the weekend¡£¡£ The living room with a broad face and sunshine has a natural and graceful atmosphere and a square layout¡£it shows the atmosphere of a large house full of vigor and vitality¡£it takes full advantage of the elegance of the room¡£the elegant demeanor of a noble family does not show itself clearly¡£it gives life to the scenery to the greatest extent¡£in the afternoon£¬ you can watch your favorite TV program here and enjoy yourself and relax¡£¡£ In the evening£¬ I spent a short time with two people in the master bedroom¡£the luxurious master bedroom is equipped with an independent toilet£¬ creating a distinguished private living space¡£¡£ Oversized window design for viewing¡£ Let the wind and beautiful scenery linger tactfully¡£¡£ The happiness of 128m2 is beyond your imagination¡£with the elegant life decorated by the cool breeze of the bright moon£¬ ten thousand kinds of comfortable postures are all in the space of a square inch¡£¡£ Luxurious three-bedroom house to offer a sunny house¡£ Living in a broad environment£¬ being self-indulgent and self-satisfied in a big city£¬ every minute here in Hengshui Evergrande city is an ultimate enjoyment¡£¡£ Hengshui¡®s first eco-luxury residential building has been meticulously built for a livable life¡£after five years£¬ it has ushered in a new era of eco - livability¡£¡£ Achievement of a city¡¯s luxury collection¡£ The 86 - 145 ©O lakeview residential complex is built with luxury decoration and honor layer people¡£you can enjoy the life consultation hotline£º 400 - 032 - 4608 to 260697